Arbitration is a method of dispute resolution through a neutral third party (arbitrator) – an Illinois attorney who does not represent one client or the other. The arbitrator issues binding decisions, enforceable under state and federal law and there is no need for a trial or the review of a trial court’s decisions by the appellate courts. Campbell & McGrady’s lawyers are knowledgeable to answer any questions you might have and have the authority to bindingly settle your disputes.

To both parties:

  • Arbitration is fast. It takes only about 120 days until a dispute is settled
  • Arbitration presents a more informal setting
  • Arbitration is binding
  • Arbitration may grant awards.

To the consumer:

  • If the contractor doesn’t comply, his/her license may be suspended/revoked.

To the contractor:

  • Unless the contractor fails to comply, the complaint won’t be disclosed to the public.
  • The contractor’s license will not be suspended/revoked unless he/she does not comply with the arbitrator’s award.

If you find yourself in a dispute that has to be resolved, but you don’t need the headaches it takes to go through court, contact Campbell & McGrady today. As a neutral party, we can objectively hear your case and come to a reasonable agreement.