Auto accident victims come in all shapes and sizes – rich and poor, young and old, male and female.  Usually the victims suffer minor injuries, with no lasting consequences.  But other times death or serious injury results. 

When the at-fault driver works for a business, typically an insurance policy with a large “liability limit” covers the injuries caused by the collision.  Even when the average insured person causes an accident and injuries, usually the liability limit adequately compensates the victim’s personal injury “damages”.  However, unfortunately, some drivers operate with the minimum legal liability limits, and a few even drive around without any liability insurance coverage. 

When one of these persons causes an accident with serious injuries, the victim often cannot recover full compensation from the at-fault driver.  Unless the injured person has purchased adequate “un-insurance” or “under-insurance” to protect the occupants of his car, the injuries can produce devastating financial loss.  For that reason we recommend that our clients purchase the maximum “U” (un-insurance and under-insurance coverage) available, particularly because of the relatively low premium of such coverage.

Some individuals maintain “umbrella” insurance.  We recommend that, if possible, those persons buy U insurance under the umbrella policy to raise the U coverage to the umbrella liability limit.

If you have any questions about your auto insurance coverage, see your insurance agent at once.  If you have sustained a serious injury due to an auto accident, contact Campbell Claims Compensation to discuss your rights.  We have represented many people with these types of claims.  When you come in for consultation, please bring a copy of the “Declarations Page” of your auto policy.

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